A lot of people stay in a room apartment for so many reasons, most are students studying in another state or country or office workers and bankers that travel around and decided to take a one week rest in places they visit.; while other times people stay in a room apartment because they can't afford an apartment or duplex.
One-room apartment is a single room that is used as a bedroom, dining room, sitting room, study and sometimes kitchen, all at the same time. A tenant of one-room apartment may have to share toilet and bathroom with other tenants in the building. One-room apartment requires special planning. It also requires extra care in order to keep it clean always.

Reasons for choosing a one-room apartment

People may rent one-room apartment for any of the following reasons:
1. Lack of money to rent a flat.
2. Scarcity of adequate housing. Or difficulty in finding suitable housing.
3. Family size. A single person (bachelor or spinster) can prefer one-room apartment to a flat.

4. Personal needs. For instance a student can rent one-room apartment because he or she does not need a big house.

Arrangement of one-room apartment:

The following guidelines or rules should be followed in the arrangement of one-room apartment.
1. Ensure proper ventilation.
2. Do not overcrowd the room with furniture.
3. Place items or pieces of furniture in such a way to ensure:
- easy movement in the room.
- easy cleaning of the apartment.
4. Place frequently used items I such ways and places that they are easy to see, reach and replace.
5. Use room divider to screen the sleeping area.
6. Use proper food storage facilities.

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