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Trip in North America and meet bears

Meeting a baby bear sounds like fun, but that’s the last thing people want on a summer walk in the North part of America.
Because when you see a baby, it means that its mother is not far away, and a mother bear will do anything to protect her youn ones.
Bears are not man-eaters. They prefer to hunt for fish or berries. So the first thing to remember if you meet a bear in the wild is that it doesn’t want trouble. The problem s that most of us panic, and our first instinct-torun away-is the wrong one.
There are things that we can do to make sure bears don’t come our way. The first i sto stay in groups and make noise. Bears don’t like surprises, so talk loudly or sing. Secondly, bears are attracted to food, and smells of all kinds, includine make-up. You need to keep everything with a strong smell inside a tightly-sealed bag. And don’t keep the bag in your tent at night or you could have an unwelcome caller.
Try putting your food bag up a tree. Bears can climb, but at least they won’t attack your tent.
Unfortunately, we can’t always make noise or stop smells from gettino out. So what do we do when we are face to face with a large mother bear (or brown bear)? First, take off your jacket or shirt and hold it out above than your head.
This makes you seem much bigger than you are. Never turn around and run, just back awat very slowly, and the bear wil usually leave. If the worst happens and you are unlucky enough to meet a large, angry grizzly bear that wants to attack you, curl yourself up into a ball to protect your head and chest.
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