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Some clothes are specifically made for precise occasion, for example:
- School clothes: these should be simple and comfortable. They should be of washable fabrics such as cotton, cotton-polyester.

- Sports wear: these should allow for freedom of body movement. They should be sewn to cover the body decently. Fabrics should be easy to clean and durable. Sport shoes should be low-heeled and comfortable.

- Work clothes: some jobs require uniform. Work clothes should be chosen to suit the kind of work. Avoid putting on clothes that will interfere with the performance of your work. Shoes should be low-heeled and comfortable.

- Nightwears: these are for bedroom use. Outside the bedroom, wear a dressing gown over the night dress. Night wears should not be tight but loose. They can be made of washable cotton fabric. Avoid inflammable fabrics that may catch fire.

- Underwears: these are directly against the skin. They mush be easily washable fabrics that are also absorbent for example cotton. Underwears include pants and vests for boys, brassiers, petticoats or waist slips for girls.

- Clothes for social occasions: special occasions include parties, weddings, church, etc. For these choose clothes that give you the confidence you need to meet people but do not over-dress.

- Clothes for formal occasions: formal occasions include interviews, meetings, work-shops. Such occasions require smart, neat and simple clothes with with matching accessories. Avoid heavy make-up.

- Clothes for household work or activities: three are casual clothes worn during the day. They should be comfortable and of simple style. They should be made of washable and durable fabrics. An apron or overall can be worn over the day dress to protect it during a household work like cooking or laundry. Clothes for household

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