Preparation for Child Birth

It is very important that a pregnant or expectant mother prepares for the delivery well in advance. She has to buy and pack all the things she and her baby will end in the hospital. The midwife will tell her about these at the ante-natal clinic. The following are the important things required:

For the mother:
- sanitary pads.
- personal clothing, including night gowns, nursing brassieres, pants, etc.
- toiletries, toilet soap, cream, powder, etc.
- bed linen, that is, if the hospital allows patients to bring their own bed linen.
- disinfectant soaps.

For the baby
- clothes for baby.
- safety pins.
- napkins or nappies.
- towels
- toiletries: baby soap, oil, lotion, powder, etc.
- baby's comb.
- blanket or shawl.
- baby's feeding unit, including: feeding bottles, sterilising unit, baby's cup, spoon, feeding bottle brush etc.

- baby's food.

Post-natal care is the care required by a mother pm after child-birth (the nursing mother). Six weeks after child-birth, the nursing mother and the baby have to visit the post-natal clinic for check-up. At the post-natal clinic:
1. The mother is examined by the doctors. This is to ensure that she is alright.
2. The doctor examines her weight, blood pressure, blood, urine, etc.
3. The baby is also examined to ensure that he is well and normal.

important points about Post-natal care
The nursing or lactating mother should:
1. Feed very well. She needs balanced meals with extra nutrients.
2. Perform the right exercises regularly, to restore her muscle tone and figure, after child-birth.
3. Have enough rest.
4. Keep clean always.
5. Give child necessary immunisation at the right time.
6. The mother is advised on:
- how to take care of the baby.
- hot to take care of herself for example feeding, exercises, etc.
- her baby's immunization.
- family planning which means how to space her babies.

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