Care of baby's clothes and Toys

1. Provide suitable storage for baby's clothes.
2. Do not allow baby's clothes to become dirty before washing them.
3. Wash baby's clothes with mild soap.
4. Rinse baby's clothes thoroughly. Remove every trace of washing powder or soap.
5. Dry baby's clothes in the sun whenever possible to kill any germs on it.
6. Iron baby's clothes properly. This gives them good appearance and kills any germs that escaped the laundry processes.
7. Provide a separable bucket with a lid for soaking baby's napkins.
8. Wash baby's napkins thoroughly, and rinse well to prevent nappy rashes.
9. Do not stiffen baby's clothing. Starched clothes can irritate the baby's tender skin.

Toys for children
As a baby grows, he enjoys playing with things. It is therefore important to provide babies with toys that suit their age levels. A young baby needs only very few toys for example rattles. As he grows and gets older he needs large toys for example a "push around" toy which can help him to walk, or toy car.

Uses of toys:
- they help children to learn.
- they keep children busy.
- they help them to exercise their muscles.
- they help them to express themselves in different ways.
- they make children happy.

Points to consider when choosing toys for children
Children's toys should:
• be safe for example they should not contain lead.
• suit the child's age.
• be clean
• have no metal or sharp edges that can injure the child.
• have no small parts which may come off and be swallowed by the child like "eyes" for dolls.
• be strong, durable and simple.
• be interesting to the child.
• not be boring to the child.

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