Post-natal Care and Baby's Layette

Baby's Layette

Layette is the complete set of clothes requires by a new-born baby. The baby's layette or at least part of it, should be provided before the baby's arrival.

Uses of the baby's layette

- to protect the baby.
- to keep baby warm, and aid in the regulation of body temperature.
- to make baby look beautiful. That is, to enhance baby's appearance.
- to keep baby comfortable.

Suggested layette for a baby

1. Two to three frozen napkins: these should be soft, absorbent, easy to wash and quick to dry.

2. Three to four plastic pants: these should not be tight. Breathable or perforated plastic pants are preferable.

3. Two to three special napkin safety pins for fastening the napkins.

4. Four vests: These are under-shirts. They should be comfortable and easy to put on and take off.

5. Two or three night gowns: These should be loose and long enough to cover baby's feet.

6. Three dresses and suits: these will include the outing clothes.

7. Two pairs of stockings and bootees: these should be soft and loose enough for the baby's active toes to wriggle.

8. Two sweaters or matinee coats: these will not be worn directly to the skin.

9. Six bibs: these protect baby's clothes from soil and moisture. Absorbent cotton fabric with a plastic underlined is suitable.

10. One shawl: this is used for wrapping the baby. Other textiles articles required by baby include:
For baby's cot
- two to four bed sheets.
- one or two blankets.
- one large plastic sheet.
- mosquito net.

For baby's bath

- one large towel
- one small towel
- one face towel.

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