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Steps in make-up application

1) Cleansing: Clean the face and neck thoroughly with water and mild toilet soap. A suitable cleansing lotion can be used. The face must be clean before the application of make-up.

2) Toning: After cleansing, tone the skin by applying a suitable toning lotion or cream. The skin can also be toned by simply splashing cold water on the face.
Toning makes the skin of the face firm by closing up the pores.

3) Moisturizing: Apply moisturizing cream or lotion all over the face and neck. This helps to:
- Keep the skin fresh.
- Prevent dryness of the skin.
- Blend make-up more smoothly onto the skin.

4) Foundation cream: Apply suitable foundation cream or make-up. It helps the face powder to stand on well on the face.

5) Face powder: This can be applied with a clean piece of cotton wool or puff. Get the powder up to the hair line and down under the chin.

6) Other make-ups: After the powder, the other make-ups can be applied such as:
- lip stick on the lips.
- blush or rouge on the cheek.
- eye brow pencil on the eyebrow.
- eye shadow on the eyelids.
- mascara on the eye.

7) Perfume: Spray some perfume to complete your make-up. It gives the body a pleasant smell or fragrance. Do not apply too much perfume. Heavy perfume could, at the contrary, be offensive to some people.
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