Type of colour and their uses

Uses of colour in home decoration

1. It adds warmth, peace and quiet to a room.
2. It can make a room cheerful and welcoming or depressing and dull.
3. It can also appear to change the size of a room.
4. It adds beauty to a room.
5. Colours can unify an area.

Types of colour

The basic colour wheel has the following colours.
1. Primary colours: Blue, yellow and red. Other colours can be obtained by mixing these primary colours.
2. Secondary colours: Orange, green and purple or violet.
3. Tertiary colours: red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, yellow-green, yellow-orange and red-orange.
Warm colours include reds, yellows, oranges.
Cool colours include blues, pale greens, purple.

Guidelines or rules for choosing in home decoration
1. The use of the room: For example bedroom should be restful, so cool colours might be chosen.

2. Size and shape of room: The warm colours may be used on an end wall to shorten the apparent length of the room. It can also be used on ceiling to lessen its apparent height. Cool colours tend to make a small room look larger.

3. The amount of light entering the room: if a room is always dark, it is important to choose light colours.

4. The people to use the room: Children's room should for instance be painted with bright colours.

5. Choose a suitable colour scheme:
- Do not use too many colours for one room.
- You may choose a main colour and use its various shades.
- Choose two main colours that complement each other for example colours that are opposite each other in the colour wheel.

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