Types of Kitchen

There are different types of kitchen and most times people underestimate their existence and uses. Basically we have the traditional and the modern kitchen.

1. Traditional Kitchens:
These are common in rural areas of many countries and they are characterised by the following:
i) They are built as separate units from the main house.
ii) The floor is commonly mud but some are concrete.
iii) The shelves or kitchen racks are commonly made of wood or bamboo. They are built above the fire place.
iv) The open drainage system is often used.
v) common fuels used are: firewood, charcoal or coal.
vi) The fire place can be:
a. Fixed for example cookers or
b. Movable for example a metal tripod or
c. three big stones arranged in a triangular position.

2. Modern Kitchens:
These are common with modern buildings. They are characterised by the following:

- They are part of the main building and next to the dining area or room.
- Their floors are commonly concrete, terrazzo or tiled.
- They have fixtures such as: sink, tap, draining board, cabinets, shelves.

Necessary precautions in the use of kerosene cookers
If it is necessary to refill the kerosene tank in the course of cooking, the following procedures should be followed:
1. Put off the stove completely.
2. Then fill up the tank.
3. Wipe off any kerosene spilt thoroughly.
4. Put on the stove once more and continue with your cooking.
5. Always use good quality kerosene.

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