Shower Type bathroom

This can be a room attached to the main house. Or it can be a fenced space like the open air type.

Common features
1. It is fitted with a shower.
2. The floor is often concrete.
3. It has a drainage to lead off the waste water.
4. It is common in boarding houses or schools.

1. It is convenient as the user does not require a container for carrying water.
2. It is easy to use.
3. It is more durable than the traditional type.
4. It is simple to build.

1. It is more expensive than the traditional type.
2. The shower cannot be used when water is not available.
3. Concrete floor can be slippery.

Cleaning of traditional and shower type bathrooms
Daily cleaning:
1) seep the flor with special broom.
2) remove all debris, including bits of sponge.

3) sprinkle disinfectant solution on the floor. The floor must not be slippery to avoid falls.
It is different from the daily cleaning of modern bathroom which require the opening of the windows to air the room; sweeping the floor; drawing the shower curtain, if in use; dusting the fixtures and furnitures; washing the bath tub and wash-hand basin. Using soft sponge or brush and mild abrasive like "Vim"; taking towels omit in the sun; after each use, rinsing the bath tub and mopping up any water splashes on the floor and finally supplying toilet paper, if necessary.

Weekly cleaning:
1) seep down the walls/fence, doors, windows and roof, if any.
2) remove all cobwebs.
3) clean the floor according to type.

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