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Pattern drafting and Simple

In order to make simple garments, you need to take body measurements. Wrong measurements will result in ill-fitting garments. Therefore, measurements must be as accurate as possible. The body measurements are used to develop patterns on paper. The patterns are then used to cut the fabric pieces for garment.
Patterns are therefore important for making simple garments. You should learn to make simple patterns and use them for garment.

The basic or foundation patterns often drafted are bodice, skirt and sleeve. These are called blocks. They are drafted to the exact size of the body. They can then be adapted or modified to any desired style.
There's a specific method drafting bodice (front and back) blocks and adapt them to a simple blouse. There are many ways of drafting patterns

Patterns drafting tools and their uses:
- tape measure: used for measuring on the paper.
- a metre rule: used for drawing lines.
- French curve: used for shaping curved areas.
- pencil: used for drawing lines and writing on the drafting paper.
- paper scissors: used for cutting the drafting paper.
- eraser: used for cleaning wrong lines or drawings.
- brown paper: patterns are made on paper.

Making a simple blouse
Materials needed:
- 1,5 meters of 115 cm plain or floral cotton fabric ( or 1 and half yards x 45 inches).
- dressmaker's pins.
- matching thread.
- needle.

Laying of pattern and cutting out:
- straighten the fabric
- fold the fabric into two with right sides together.
- place pattern along the fold of the fabric.
- pin the pattern pieces and cut out.
- transfer all pattern markings to fabric (use tailor's tack if available).

Making up:
- place the front and back blouse pieces together would right sides facing.
- match the notches.
- pin the shoulder seams as the side seams.
- tack along the pinned seams. Remove pins.
- fit the blouse. Make necessary corrections.
- sew permanently using back-stitch.
- finish the seam and attach the facing to neckline.
- finish the hem and each sleeve edge and press the blouse.