Fibre is a hair-like basic unit of raw material used in making of yarns and fabrics for example cotton, linen, silk, wool, nylon fibres.
Yarn is a thread made by twisting or spinning fibres.
Fabric is cloth constructed with yarn or directly from fibres by weaving, knitting, crocheting, felting, etc. A woven fabric is made up of two sets of yarn or thread - the warp and the weft.
The warp is the yarn or thread which runs length-wise in a woven fabric. It is parallel to the selvedge.
The weft is the yarn or thread which runs length-wise in a woven fabric. It is parallel to the selvedge grain.
The selvedge is the edge of the fabric made by the weft thread or yarn by turning over the wrap thread. It is the mill finished edge of a fabric which runs in a length-wise direction.
Bias is the diagonal direction across the two grain-lines-wrap and weft.
True bias make an angles of 45 degree centigrade across the length-wise and crosswise grains. It has the greatest stretch.

Grain of the fabric refers to the direction of yarns or threads in a fabric.
The right side (RS) of the fabric is the side to be worn out. It has better finish and more distinct print than the other side.
The wrong side (WS) of the fabric is the side of the worn inside.
Stitching is the process of passing thread needle and thread in and out of a material to make a special design.
Seam is the joining line made when two pieces of cloth are stitched together.
Sean allowance is the amount of fabric between the cut edge and the seam line itself.
Ripping means loosening sewn stitches.
Trimming means cutting away excess fabric from a seam allowance.
Clip means to make a short snip or cut in a seam allowance with the point of the scissors at an angle is the seam.
Pattern is a design or paper model used for sewing.
Fullness is an effect made on a garment to accommodate the curves of the body for example gathering, darts and tucks.
Ease means to push in slight fullness so that no puckers or gathers are noticeable on the seam line.
Slash may mean to make a clean cut with scissors, up to a certain mark or it may mean to cut open.

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