Making a simple skirt

There are different materiale and fibres used for the preparation and designing of simple skirts. Here are the equipment needed and procedures.

Materials needed
- 1,5 metre of 115cm cotton fabric (pre-shrunk)
- dressmaker's thread
- matching thread
- needle
- sewing machine (if available)

Laying of pattern and cutting out
1. Straighten the fabric.
2. Fold the fabric into two with eight sides together.
3. Place patterns you've previously designed for the skirt. Mind the pattern of the fabric. You have to know that for patterned fabric it is very important to ensure that design is properly laid or places.
4. Pin the pattern pieces and cut out.
5. Transfer all pattern marks using tailor tacks.

Making up:
1. Stitch darts, and press ( or arrange any type of fullness in use).

2. Stitch the centre back seam to the point of zipper and press open.

3. Attach the zipper.

4. Prepare the waist band, use interfacing to give extra strength and prevent stretching.

5. Tack side seams, hen and waist band using a temporary stitching.

6. Fit the skirts. Check width of waist, hips, length of skirt.

7. Make necessary adjustment for good fitting.

8. Machine stitch the tacked seams.

9. Stitch the waist band and finish all raw edges including hems. Press the completed garment vey well.

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