Oven gloves or mitten[/center]

Most people prefer using home-made objects or articles during food preparation because they are attached to it and most especially because they were made or fabricated by them.
When preparing home-made oven gloves or mitten there are certain materials needed:
- Brown paper (for preparation of pattern).
- 1/2 metre of 90 cm plain or floral cotton fabric.
- 1/2 cm thick foam (insulating material).
- Lining material ( for example calico)
- Matching thread.

Cutting out:
- prepare the pattern. Draw pattern to the shape of the hand and wrist. Make side of glove larger than the hand.

- for one glove cut out:
a) two pattern pieces of the cotton fabric.
b) two pattern pieces of the lining material.
c) two pattern pieces of the foam.

- mark the stitching lines.

Making up
1) for the first half or side of the glove:
a. Place one piece of foam on the wrong side of the glove piece.
b. Place the lining material on the foam with the right side up. Tack the three pieces together finally.

2) Repeat steps (a) and (b) for the next side of the glove.

3) Place the right sides of the two halves of the glove together.

4) Tack through all layers and sew securely with backstitch.

5) Trim seams and snip corners; turn the work to the right side and press.

6) Neaten raw edge of the glove opening.

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