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It is a collection of work to show your skills and experience. Artists and designers often take a portfolio to show their cliente. There is a special portfolio called the European Language portfolio, where you collect examples of your best work in European languages that you know.
What use is a language portfolio?
A language portfolio is something that you can keep. It gives pratical examples of your work which you can even take to a job interview. It i salso a place where you record your exams, your language level e.g A2, and your language experiences both at home and abroad.
What does A2 mean?
A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 are European standards for language achievement from the common European Framework (CEF). I n the portfolio there is a table of these standards for you to tick. Get Real helps you to arrive at these levels. You have already coverei A1 and A2. You are now working through the B1 objectives.
How do I make a portfolio?
A portfolio is divided into three parts:
- language passport
This gives an overview of your proficiency in different languages. It records formal qualifications, and intercultural experiences such as school trips, etc. It also allows you self-assess your performance with the tables.
- language biography
This helps you to plan your portfolio. It allows you to reflect on your learning and progress. You can write what you can do with the language, and you can describr other experiences, e.g watching films, listening to music, writing to a penfriend, etc.
- Dossier
This is where you can collect your best work. This will show people the achievement you spoke about in the language passport and biography.
Is there any other reason to keep a portfolio?
Well, it can be fun, and gives you a sense of progress and achievement. But there ia another reason. Trinità ha san exam called Trinità ISE, (Intergrated Skills in English). This exam asks you to collect together written work such as letters, reports, articles and stories, and create a Portfolio. You send in this Portfolio as part of your exam. So if you make a portfolio now, you can also prepare for the exam.
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