The bedroom is a very important functional area in the home. It is the place where were we rest, sleep and keep many of our valuable possessions. It is also possible for a person who cannot affair a flat to rent a one-room. The person will sleep, relax, eat and sometimes even cook in the one-room apartment. Such a room requires special planning. It is important that you know how to care for a bedroom and a room apartment.

Most times people decide to rent an apartment especially if there are many components that makes up a family while other times they can rent separate rooms to accommodate a certain amount of persons. In either cases there's a difference between children's and adults room this is because kids rooms should be more lively and try to stimulate their growth; adults rooms tends to conserve memories of past experiences and to store expensive things in the home.

Bedroom furniture:

The pieces of furnitures that may be found in the bedroom include the following:

1) Bed: This can be made with different types of materials.

2) Mattress: This can be just foam or foam with spring interior.

3) Wardrobe or closet: This can be inbuilt or a huge cupboard.

4) a dressing table: This usually has a mirror mounted on it and a chest of drawers for storage.

5) A stool: that goes with the dressing table.

6) Beside cupboard: This can either be a part of the bedstead or a separate unit. It is used for storage.

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