It is important to learn how to make some simple personal and household articles using the processes typically used tailors during their sewing.
1) simple apron
Materials needed:
- brown paper (1 metre x 90 cm).
- 1 metre of 90 cm plain or patterned cotton fabric.
- matching thread.

Preparation of pattern and cutting out:
- make a paper pattern of apron, belts and neck band pockets.
- straighten the fabric.
- fold the fabric into two with the right side together.
- place patten pieces on the fabric.
- pin the pattern pieces and cut out.
- transfer all pattern markings to the fabric.

Making up:
- turn in 15 mm outside hems along the curved sides (underarms) and the straight sides.
- pin, tack and press hems.
- hand stitch the hems using hemming stitch.
- turn, pin and tack 2 cm at the top and bottom of apron. Then hem.
- prepare the neckband and belts as follows:

a) Fold each length with right sides and edges even.
b) Tack and stitch along seam lines, leaving one short edge open. Use back-stitch.
c) turn each piece to the right side and press flat.

- prepare the pockets as follows:
a) turn a 10 mm single hem along the top of the pocket.
b) turn under 10 mm round the rest of the pocket, clipping as necessary. Tack and press.
- Tack neckband, belts and pockets in their proper positions. Stitch each firmly.
- Remove tacking thread and press apron.

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