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Barack Hussein Obama Jr. or II, was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961. The son of a former Kenyan minister agnostic who emigrated to the US to study, know the student Ann Dunham, with which Obama will have before you finish school .After high school, Obama attended Occidental College, before moving to Columbia College, Columbia University where he graduated in political science specializing in international relations.

Among his most significant is the work, carried out after studying at Business International Corporation, which then turns its name to The Economist Group: an agency of economic news of an international character.When he moved to Chicago began directing a non-profit project that serves as support to local churches that organize apprenticeship programs aimed at residents of the poor neighborhoods of the South Side.
In 1988 he decided to leave Chicago to further his studies in law at Harvard; and in the summer of 1989 he knows his wife Michelle Robinson, associate attorney at the studio where Obama himself held an internship.
In February 1990, the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review and a year later he obtained his doctorate magna cum laude ... Before marrying Michelle in 1992.In Chicago, the movement "voter registration drive" Barack Obama does record the vote as many voters as possible and commits to defend the organizations aimed at defense of civil rights and voting rights becoming an associate attorney at the law firm Miner, Barnhill & Galland.After a series of experiences, including teaching at the University of Chicago and writing a book ... In 2004, Obama runs for the federal Senate and was elected US Senator in November 2004And 'February 10, 2007 when Barack Hussein Obama announced his candidacy for the presidential elections of 2008, during which fight former first lady and senator of the state of New York, Hilary Clinton.June 3, 2008 Obama is the first African American in the race for the White House, a candidate for the Democratic nomination, belonging to one of the two major parties.Between 25 and 28 August 2008 obtained the official investiture during the party convention held in Denver; and 4 November 2008 he won the elections overcoming Republican Senator John McCain.
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