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My family

1. My brother
My family and I live in a very big and white semi-detached house in a village in the north of Italy. My family is composed of four persons: me, my brother, my mum and my dad.
My brother Nicola is younger than me, he is 8 and he attends the second class of Primary school. He’s very tall, quite slim, blond and he has got big green eyes.
He’s friendly, cheerful, lovely, imaginative, very funny and chatty but very sensitive, too. He loves football and his favourite team is Inter but he practises judo and he’s already “yellow belt”. Nicola likes swimming, holiday, skiing, cooking, playing with the Playstation and watching TV.
His favourite food is pizza and chips, but he hates vegetables.
In the future, he would like to become a hotel keeper, because he loves hotels. We often quarrel but I love him anyway.

2. My mum
My parents are called Paola and Francesco, they are both 40 and they were married 15 years ago.
My mum’s of average height and slim. She is blond and she has got blue eyes. She is optimistic, patient, sincere and very generous.
She isn’t very strict, in fact she never gets angry with me.
She loves my brother and me really a lot and she always helps us when we are in difficulty. She cooks very well all italian specialities but her speciality is a vegetable soup called “minestrone”.
She loves all kind of fitness and she likes being fit. She is a (not desperate) housewife and she likes doing the housework and taking care of her children.

3. My dad
My dad’s tall and of average weight.
He has got short black hair and big green eyes.
He is extrovert, spontaneous and helpful and he likes doing a lot of funny jokes to me and Nicola.
He loves watching TV (above all the political programmes), eating (food that my mother cooks), and swimming and skiing when we are on holiday at the seaside or in the mountains.
He would like playing tennis but he haven’t a patner.
He loves chocolate, luxury cars and staying at the computer, in fact all evenings he spends a lot of time working and sending e-mails at the computer.
He is an entrepreneur and he loves his job very much because he likes commanding people and he’s ambitious.

4.What we do together
All the components of my family love travelling, in fact, both in winter and in summer, we often go on holiday: we go to the seaside or to the mountains and we enjoy ourselves really a lot if we swim, ski or visit new places. When my brother and I come back from school, we help mum in the housework and in the kitchen. In my home there is a strange tradition: all Saturday and Sunday evenings, we eat pizza, at the restaurant, or we do it at home. It’s really delicious!!!!
On Saturday afternoon, my mother and I go shopping to the department stores while on Sunday afternoon I, my mum, my dad and my brother, together, go to the centre of Padua, to the cinema, to the swimming-pool or we go on a trip to Venice, to the zoo or in a play park.

This is my family that I love very much.
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