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Cristina Ricci

She is not a typical film star. She doesn’t like Hollywood, the parties or the people. She is happier to live on the East Coast of the USA. ‘I love the people and the snow there’, she says. Her ambition is not to be rich and famous but to be a good actress: ‘I want to be an actress, not a star’. Christina always chooses interesting parts and often works in small, independent films.

Christina doesn’t like a typical glamorous celebrity. However, she is good looking, with a round face and big eyes. She often plays the parts of strange or bad characters. In The Addams Family, Christina’s first big success, she played the little girl, Wednesday. She never smiled and was horrible to her brother. In The Ice Storm, Christina was Wendy, an angry and unhappy teenager. She was Jonny Deep’s girlfriend, Katrina, in the horror film, Sleepy Hollow, and she played a depressed university student, Elizabeth Wutzel, in Prozac Nation.
In real life, Christina is very different from her film image. ‘I’m very normal’, she says. She lives in New York with her boyfriend, Matthew, and her two cats, Virgil and Vert. she enjoys living a normal life. She likes watching TV, cooking and going out with friends.
Work is also a very important part of Christina’s life. She has to travel a lot and works very hard when she is making a film. She also hat to give a lot of interview and go on television because she is a famous actress. Christina is a young person with a very bright future in front of her.
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