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Michelle Marie Pfeiffer (Santa Ana, California, 29 April 1958) is an American actress.

At present married with the scriptwriter David and Kelley, from whose born marriage the son John Henry, in 1994. Before the marriage the actress had adopted a little girl, Claudia Roses, that also Kelley decided adopter. It is graduated in 1976 to the high school "Fountain Valley High School"; subsequently it is registered to the "Golden West Connects" in California, that for, although its original intention of to enter in the journalism (reporter legal), abbandoner after about a year.
Between a work and the other (committed in varied shops, cashier in a supermarket), decides participant to one of the a lot contributed of beauty that hold themselves in the United States: Miss Orange County. From the small one victory they coves down then all a series of apparitions in made-for-tv movie and film TV. It studies contextually performance to the "Beverly Hills Playhouse", cos to the debut in 1980 on the large screen with the film landing to Begin again to love itself still, interpreted together to Elliott Gould.

Its first feature film with a reliable film major Grease been 2, I continue then from the debut with the first true large producer, Brian De Palma, with which turned Scarface, by the side of To The Calm. Michelle is done immediately to distinguish like actress from the magnetic glamour, that then natural trover arrangement and confirmation in the dreamlike story of Ladyhawke, directed by Richard Donner. To underline senz' other its interpretation of it the incredible Baker where, in the role of the singing Susie Diamond that supports a jazz pianists of duet (the brothers, also in the real life, Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges), gets ready a whole repertory without some vocal dubbing, and singing altres from the living person, showing in tal manner an unexpected one - until that moment - musical talent (you see recording).

A costing in the women interpreted from Michelle Pfeiffer, in good part of its film, the inner force and, to the same time, the fragilit that are derived from endured choices of life, is immediately than strong-willed, but however brave and determined. The subject of the sons, grown from alone, lost or ever had, in fact always present: heavy burdens to remember the Sukie of The witches of Eastwick (mommy single of a numerous offspring), Angela of A cheerful widow... but not too much (flees with the son from the husband, killed from the mafia), Katya of The house Russia (rears the children with the actual forces), Frankie of Fear to love (do not pu to have sons for passed), Lurene of Two strangers, a destiny (lost a baby in pregnancy), dangerous Louanne of Thoughts (lost a son), Melanie of A day, for case (woman in career, its cresce son from alone), Beth of at the bottom to the heart (a baby gets lost, found after a lot of years), Katie of Story of those two (manages a familiar situation in crisis, with 3 sons), Rite of Me I call Sam (in route the actual companion, that then leaves it, feared to resume a relation with its son, neglected for the professional success), Ingrid of White Oleander (comes imprisoned for murder, leaving cos the daughter from alone in the adolescence period of growth, but succeeding to influences it also from behind the bars), and finally Rosie in the easygoing comedy the could never drinks your woman (should manage the first adolescence disturbances of the Really mature father). In the last two feature films, Stardust and Hairspray, Michelle wanted almost to amuse itself in a role of "bad" that, between the other, seems to put on pressoch perfectly with interpretive his cords.
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