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Jodie Foster – to the registry Alicia Christian Foster – (Los Angeles, 19 November 1962) is an actress, producer and film produttrice American. The sopranome "Jodie" was them given from its brothers and sisters. The reason of this nickname the companion of its mother is had to, a woman of name Jo Dominique, that came called, affectionately: "Aunt Jo D."

It began to recite from little girl in film like Two boys and a lion (1972), Tom Sawyer (1973), from the story of Mark Twain, and Anchovy does not live more here (1974). In 1976 it interpreted, by the side of Robert De Niro, the thirteen-year-old prostitute of Taxi Driver, for the direction of Martin Scorsese, becoming immediately well-known all over the world.

The first role in which did not interpret a' adolescent was that of the protagonist of Under accusation (1988), based on the true story of a woman raped in a bar: the interpretation been worth them the oscar to the better actress. In 1992 vinse its second prize Oscar with The silence of the innocent (1991), where recited to the flank of Anthony Hopkins.

Later on it debuted like producer with The mine small genius (1991), of whom was also coprotagonista, that followed at home for the vacations (1995). It recited then in Sommersby (1993), Nell (1994), the first film produced from the Egg Pictures, from her same been based on, Maverick (1994), Contact (1997), Anna and the King (1999), Panic Room (2002), Flightplan - Mystery in flight (2005), Inside Man (2006), The darkness in the soul (2007).

The Foster is an of the actresses more reserved of Hollywood, holds a lot to its life private, and in the United States you buy thick vague news and invented on its account. But what it disappointed it of more, it was to know that its brother wrote, with the help of a journalist, a very detailed book on its life private.

It graduated with praise in English literature and it is a limb of the Table. A French best speaks and an Italian best; tongues that studied during its university studies. It is a supporter of the Democratic Party American.

In the December 2007, the Foster has declared homosexual. It coexists with the produttrice Cydney Bernard, its companion from about 14 years: the two were known themselves on the set of the film Sommersby. It has two sons, a Nato in 1998 and one in 2001, of whom is unknown the father. Although it have not problems to do to see with the companion and sons, the actress defends a lot the private sphere from the raid of journalists, paparazzi and crazy, that in past tormented it. Finally, during the speech of thanks for the prize Women in Entertainment, admitted its orientation omosexsual, before admitting thousands of journalist its connection with Cydney Bernard.
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