Kitchen equipment use and care

Women always appreciate the idea of having several kitchen equipments used for a whole different food preparation and serving. But most times these equipments are not properly well taken care of.
There are some general guidelines for the use and care of kitchen equipment such as:
- Utensils with wooden or bone handles such as knives and cooking spoons should be soaked in water. Soaking loosens their handles.

- Avoid bringing plastic wares near fire or boiling liquids.

- Wipe off baking pans and tin with kitchen paper while they are still warm.

- Soak saucepans immediately after use. Use a mild abrasive (for example a coarse sponge) to remove stubborn food remnants. Rinse properly and dry with the kid or cover off.

- Plain wooden surfaces in the kitchen can be scrubbed along the grain.

- Soak utensils for cooking protein foods such as egg or milk, and those used for mixtures in cold water. Soak greasy utensils in hot water.

- Do not pour cold liquid into hot pans or glasses. Sudden changes in temperature cause glass to shatter and pans to buckle.

- Do not damage surfaces of utensils by scouring with coarse abrasive.

The type of specific requirement by any given equipment depends on the materials from which the equipment was made from. Kitchen equipments are generally made of glass, metal, plastics, ceramics etc and the care of these materials is different.

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