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Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood (San Francisco, 31 May 1930) is an actor, producer, film producer and author of soundtracks American, known above all for its roles from "hard".

These they include Dirty Harry, known in Italy like the surveyor Callaghan, and the man without name in the so-called trilogy of the dollar of the Roman producer Sergio Lion, father of the type spaghetti-western.
Been born at San Francisco, in California, son of a worker in a factory of steel, Eastwood began studies of Economy to the Los Angeles Connects, but left after little time. Before becoming an actor, passed a short period in the army of the United States.

The its first roles like actor saw it protagonist of some B-movie like Tarantula and Francis in the Navy. In 1959 ottenne its first assignment of a certain importance thanks to the television series Rawhide; in the role of Rowdy Yates, succeeded to do to note from the public and in little time divenne a name and an I turn familiar in all of the States United. The career of Eastwood ebbe a turn thanks to the collaboration with Sergio Lion; interpreted from first protagonist For a fist of dollars in 1964, therefore For some dollar in more in 1965 and finally the third and last film of the so-called one "trilogy of the dollar", The good one, the ugly one, the bad one, in 1966.

The trilogy gave to one its career of the most important roles of Eastwood, that of the man without name, and the film, the third one particularly, today considered the masterpiece of Lion, was a large international success, and thanks to these extraordinary films Eastwood has earned the like more large western actor reputation of all of the times: its exceptional expression, its smile understood, its character Of Sergio Lion they do of it an actor that will will remain in the story of the cinema.

The detractors found it expressionless and little charismatic, well-known is the reply that Sergio Lion gave to who wondered him because him pleased Eastwood like actor: "It Clint pleases me Eastwood because is an actor that has alone two expressions: a with the hat and a without the hat". The character of the man without name, then, presented also some rather grotesque appearance, like the sneer constantly decorated from a means cigar. Eastwood employed a lot of time to make to forget that stereotype. The fame carried him a lot new occasions, but always in the role of the "hard".

In Where Eagles Give, 1968, ebbe the highest second remuneration, behind alone to Richard Burton, 800,000 dollars, an enormity with respect to how much came paid previously. Although all, Eastwood wanted to diversify the roles to second of the occasions offers, in order not to stay blocked in the stereotype that had given back it well-known. Paint Your Wagon of 1969 was still a western, but also a musical; in Kelly' s Heroes, 1970, combined the role of the "hard" with a strong funny component. Its talent the capable revenues of to interpret roles between them different.

1971 was one of its year better. It was protagonist of the thriller Shudder in the night (Play Misty for Me), its debut to the direction, and of The capable night of the soldier Jonathan (The Beguiled), but above all ottenne an important novelty role from "hard", that of the police inspector Harry Callahan (in the Italian versions changed in Harry Callaghan) in Surveyor Callaghan: the case Scorpio is yours (Dirty Harry), an of the most important interpretations of. The film gave beginning to a series of action film with protagonists policemen from the easy gun, a type imitated still today.

Eastwood continued to interpret western, action film and police film, included the sequel of Dirty Harry: A 44 Magnum for the surveyor Callaghan (Magnum Forks), of 1973, Sky of lead, The Enforcer, 1976, Sudden Impact, 1983 and The Dead Consortium, 1988. In parallel, it continued to attempt itself with the direction: The Outlaw Josie Wales, 1976, was a western that carried a large contribution to the type. Towards the end of the years '70 Eastwood lavorò also in varied comedies like Every Which way But Loose, 1978.

In 1979 it was protagonist of "Escape from Alcatraz" interpreting with considerable success the held Frank Morris, the sole prisoner that it is supposed is succeeded to escape from the prison of greatest safety of Alcatraz. With the to pass some time the role of "hard" that had given back it well-known began to be more difficult. It interpreted its fifth and last sequel of Dirty Harry, Bet with the death. Although a good success, the film done not reach a collection to the comparable ticket office to that of the previous film.

To the end of the eighties Eastwood film of meager success alternated like Pink Cadillac (1989) and The Rookie (1990), of whom was also producer, to more personal projects, like the direction of Bird (1988), a biography of Charlie "Bird" Parker, large saxophone player jazz and pioneer of a new musical style, and White Hunter, Black Heart (1990), a biography romanticized some life of. Eastwood returned to surprise again between the large star of Hollywood in the years ninety. It recited and it directed the realistic and cynical western Unforgiven in 1992, taking itself the role of a former old person, a lot after the its first interpretations of this type. The film nine ricevette nomination to the prizes Oscar 1993, included that for the best actor for the same Eastwood, and of it vinse four, between which "best film" and "best direction". In the titles of tail a special dedication it was introduced, "Dedicated to Sergio and Don", to remember the teacher of the type and its discoverer Sergio Lion, that threw it with its trilogy of the dollar, and Don Siegel, its truth and actual mentor.

It broadened still its repertory with a film of love, The Bridges of Madison County (1995), and continued to work like producer, receiving a lot of esteem and critical best, like for Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997) and for Mystic River (2003).

The true one I triumph some filmmaker Eastwood arrives to the Oscar 2005: its Million Baby Dollar door at home four important statuettes, "best film", "best direction", "better actress protagonist" to Hilary Swank and "best actor not protagonist" for the friend Morgan Freeman, while Eastwood receives the nomination but do not wins the prize like "best actor protagonist". The film is awarded also, little first, two Golden Globes, for it "best direction" and always for it "better actress protagonist".

In 2006 it returns behind the car from taken to begin a new project: works in fact to a diptych for which turns first Flags of Our Fathers (two candidacies and not any Oscar) and in succession Letters from Iwo Jima, in Japanese tongue; this last is winner to the Golden Globes like Best Film in Foreign Tongue and candidate from the like Best academy Film, Best Direction, Best Original Script for. Besides its career of actor, Eastwood mayor of Carmel was elected-by-the-Sea, California the 8 April 1986, receiving 72% of the preferences. It covered the assignment for two years before to decline the offer for itself again. In that I make sentences, some authoritative shouting insisted on the possibility that the actor was able to run for itself, like Ronald Reagan, for the office of president of the United States.

# He speaks Italian.
# In Return to the future part III of Robert Zemeckis, when to Marty McFly, catapulted back in the time of the to Make West, comes asked the name, these answers "Clint Eastwood", omaggiando the icon of the type western; subsequently, when Marty should confront a duel with a dangerous pistolero, itself safe exploiting the same trick used from Eastwood in the film For a fist of dollars, a sheet metal of metal hidden. To the end of the film, when Marty returns in the present one, the precipice in which has thrown with the locomotive it is called "Eastwood Ravine".
# The Gorillaz dedicated to Clint Eastwood two songs: a that has like actual title "Clint Eastwood" from the album Gorillaz and "Dirty Harry" from Demon Days.
# they Move about shouting unfounded that Eastwood is son of Stan Laurel, the comical known of the coupled Stanlio and Ollio. The mother of the producer, at present in life and perpetually in company of the son in every type of event or premiazione, has not né confirmed né denied. But the birth certificate of the actor if yourselves it it plainly that it is discussed alone.
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