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New York: The Chrysler Building

New York is known to be one of the City where we have the possibility to find any sort of architectural works: Here the Chrysler Building is been presented. The Chrysler Building is a clear expression of the Deco style. William van Alen planned it with an agile and dynamic shape, which finishes in a stylished tower, crowned by a peak with six semi-circles, and finished off with a stainless steel spire. Around the entire building, there are golden decorations, typically Deco in
style: the peak , in stainless steel, is made up of a succession of six arches decorated and placed like rays, in which are located many triangular windows. Finally there is the stainless steel spire that stands as high as 60 meters, at the base of which is a suite, designed for the use of Walter Percy Chrysler himself. On the external walls of the building van Alen inserted a series of ornaments that are the exact reproduction of some parts of the cars produced by Chrysler, such as the radiator caps or car wheels. The final part of the skyscraper , which remained for some years the highest in New York, is decorated with enormous stainless steel eagle's heads which jut out and mark the final step towards the sky if the structure. All this is underlined by the shinning polish of the steel , as gleaming as the chrome of a flaming car.
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