Video appunto: Press studs or fasteners
Press studs or fasteners

Press studs are also called press or snap fasteners. They are a sort of discs made with either metal or plastic and used to fasten clothes in replacement of buttons in clothing.
A press stud is made up of two parts. One part is flat and has a knob or ball in the middle. The other part is thick and has a socket or a hole.
Press studs are usually used on overlapping openings where there is little strain. It is not suitable for tight or closely-fitting garments.
This type of materials used by tailors while sewing clothes are specifically meant to guarantee the easy or quick removal of clothes probably in a situation like the event of a fall.
Clothes made with the press studs were specially worn by Cowboys.

Attaching Press Studs:
1. The half of the stud with a hole is sewn to the right side of underwrap. The other with a knob or ball is sewn on the wrong side of overwrap.

2. Sew on the ball part of the stud first. Then sew the socket part exactly on the right spot opposite.

To sew:
1. Mark position of press studs with pins.

2. Place the ball part in position. Sew using buttonhole stitches for each of the holes of the press studs.

3. Slip needle under fabric to the next hole. Make the buttonhole stitches.

4. Repeat for each of the joke of the press studs till the end. Fasten securely.

To make a hand-worked bar you need to:
- close the opening is the garment.

- place a pin in the underlap of opening. Make it level with the bend of the hook.

- fasten on thread with a double stitch and then make a straight bar tack at the position of the pin.

- sew required number of bar tacks (3-4 tacks).

- work buttonhole stitch closely across the tacks with stitches facing the edge of the opening.