Video appunto: Hooks and eyes
Hooks and eyes are basically used in clothes making for:
- openings without wraps.
- top ends of zipped openings.
- inside the waist band of a skirt.
They are one of the very simple ways of fastening garments with the usages of a flattened metal bent wire and an eye also called an "eyelet". This materials are commonly used in the fabrication of underwears like bras and they were first known as "crochet and loop".

Method of attaching the hook:
1. Place the edge of hook in line with the edge on the right hand side of the opening.

2. Make two stitches through the bend of the hook. Then sew several overcasting stitches through the bend of the hook.

3. Secure shaft of hook just above loops with two stitches across it.

4. Pass the needle under the table to begin sewing round the loops.

5. Make button hole or blanket stitches round the two loops of the hooks.

Attachment of eye
There are three kinds of eyes that can be hooked. These are:
- the metal loop or eye used for openings in edge that meet and do not overlap.

- metal bar used for openings where edges overlap.

- hand-worked bar can be used for edges that meet and can also be used instead of metal bar.

To attach the eye metal loop:
1. Place the eye to wrong side of edge of garment opposite hook.

2. Secure ends over the edge of the opening of each of the loop or eyelets.

3. Make buttonholes stitches around both eyelets.

To attach metal bar:
1. Place bar to right side of under wrap.

2. Make buttonhole stitch around the loops of eyelets.