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Clothing accessories

All the items that we wear with our clothes are called accessories. They include jewellery, hats, watches, scarf, etc. These items should be chosen to suit the clothes and the occasion.

Why we care for our clothes
It is important to care for your clothes for the following reasons:
- Dirty clothes easily become infested with disease germs and bacteria.

- Bacteria from dirty clothes can be easily be transferred to the skin. This can result in skin disease such as rashes, ring-worm, scabies, etc.

- Dirty clothes can give the body very bad odour or smell.

- Caring for clothes names then last longer.

- Wearing clean clothes improves your appearance and confidence.

Care of clothes
The following are some ways of caring for your clothes:
* Mend your clothes as soon as they are torn.

* Store your clothes properly, either by folding neatly and storing in boxes or suitcases or hanging with suitable hangers in a wardrobe.

* Do not store dirty or damp clothes. Only clean clothes should be stored.

* Wash your clothes as soon as they are dirty. Do lot leave them to become very dirty before washing.

* Study the care label on your clothes if there is one before washing. Follow the instructions on the care labels.

* Do not wear the same clothes worn during the day at night.

* Change your underwears for example pants every day. Always wash the used ones.
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