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9 Stanish Road
Pointy Littind
Hampshire W23 4RD
United Kingdom

31st June

Dear Dare,
Are you okay? We do not feel for a lifetime, you're not forgotten me, aren't you? I really hope not..
I am very busy. My professors assign us a lot of homework and sometimes I really can't be able to finish them all. For the rest, it's all okay. Naples is a beautiful city, it's cheerful, I'm sure you would enjoy it.
But, what do you tell me about you? How go your studies? Have you still got that strange neighbor which you told me? Your story was so funny.
I have listened the songs that you have advised to me, I hope that you have made the same one. I really loved The "Florence and the machines", but I also liked Red hot chili peppers and Led Zeppelin. But you? Are you reassessing the Italian music? We also have many good singers, even if we run out of bands ..
Btw My little cat, Achille, greets you. I would want to come to find you soon for see the places which you have spoken to me and for taste the famous cakes of the Tea Shop. Achille want to came with me.

Now I go, the books wait for to me.
Please answer me early.

Ps. Sarah told me you bought a dog and that you called Pound. Please tell me she was joking. I thought it would be nice to make she known Achille but with a name like that, I'm no convinced anymore about that.

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