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Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Leonardo da Vinci was an incredibile man. He worked a san architecht, artist, mathematician and scientist. He also worked as a military engineer and was a good musician. When he was a child, Leonardo liked school but he hated latin. In 1466, Leonardo’s family moved to Florence and he finished school. in 1482, he moved to Milan and started to work for the duke of milan.
He adesigned many buildings for the duke. He also studied mathematics. His drawing of the Anatomy of a man showed hi to be a great biologist. In 1502, he returned to Florence and painted the mona lisa. He carried this painting whit him when he travelled. From 1514 to 1516, he lived in rome and continued his scientific experiments. He died in france in 1519.

Did you know
Leonardo Da Vinci wrote from right to left-you needed a mirror read his handwriting. He was a genius-he colud write one sentence with his right hand and a difference sentence with his left hand. He invented scissors.
He drew architect’s plants but never built a building. He lost most of plaintings and drawings he didi in Milan. He had many talents.
He made models and in his notebools there were plants for a tank, e helicopter and a submarine. His scientific observations were a hundred years before his time.
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