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Silent film comedies

Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton were the kings of silent film comedy. Buster was only four when he performed with his parents (and the great Harry Houdin) in USA, and made his first film in 1917.
Charlie’s career began in British theatres, but he made his first film in the States in 1913.
harlie’s most famous character was “The Little Tramp”, with his boiler hat, cane, old duit and big shoes. Buster was known as “The great Stone Face” because he never smiled in his films. For Chaplin, silent comedy was s universal language. People could watch his film all over the world – and understand everything.
The voices of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are istantly recognised, yet the first film they made together, in 1917, was silent! When British-born Stan went to the States, he made a short silent film with Olly called Lucky Dog. Stan amd Olly next worked together ten years later – and the resti s cinema history.
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