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Renaissance flourished during the 16 century. in Italy there were a great political instability. in northern Europe, the Renaissance was delayed by the reformation and in England there was the reform instituted by Henry VIII that reform continued under the reign of Elizabeth whose court included poets and mathematician. the english renaissance was a time of expansioin of knowledge in different fields such as philosophy,literature, science and religion.. the study of classical cultures like Greek and Latin was reborn.

Literature became a search of meaning. although Elizabeth society was based on stability its writers and poets were the first to feel the wind of chaos and uncertainty. in the theatre we find the most vital stimulating response of the plays of Shakespeare, Marlowe. the poetry was influenced by sonnets of Petrarch and there weren't novels. during this period prose was developed more in the form of literary philosophizing or essay writing.

during this period there were many questions that the literature was trying to address. the climate of intellectual uncertainty is due to a revival of the ideas of Plato that were different to Aristotle's ideas.

prose was mainly vehicle for philosophical and scientific discourse . one of the major theme was speculation about an ideal society. utopia of t.more is an example of the humanist culture. another example is the new Atlantis of bacon that is an uncompleted study of an imaginary culture dominated by philosophers. during the Renaissance there was difference between different fields. in 1611 the first authorized English version of the bible was printed.

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