Kitchen Layout or Arrangements

A lot of activities normally go on in the kitchen. For good work, efficiency and safety on the kitchen, the equipment and utensils must be properly arranged or planned.

General guidelines for arranging the kitchen.
The kitchen must be arranged in such a way to:
1) prevent unnecessary movements during fold preparation.

2) prevent accidents in the kitchen.

3) save time and energy in meal preparation.

4) help the homemaker carry out her work in sequence.

The work sequence or order in the kitchen is as follows:
- take food from store.
- wash it and prepare it for example cleaning beans, washing potatoes.
- cook it and serve.

The kitchen arrangement should suit this sequence or order of work.

5) the kitchen sink should be under the window. This is to give enough light for safe preparation of food and washing.

6) the sink should be of comfortable height for the worker.

7) the refrigerator should be away from the cooker. There are four common ways of arranging the pieces of equipment in the kitchen. These are called kitchen layouts, designs or plants.
a. one-wall or corridor arrangement: here kitchen equipment is arranged along one wall in a straight line.
b. Parallel kitchen arrangement: pieces of equipment are arranged along two opposite or parallel walls.

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