Serving utensils

There are different items used in serving food: trays, different types and sizes of plates, bowls, drinking glasses, table mats, serviette sir napkins, cutlery (spoons, forks and knives), tea sets (tea cups, saucers, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, tea strainer) etc.

Points to consider when choosing cooking utensils
~ Before buying any piece of equipment, ensure that it is really needed.
~ Choose equipment that is efficient and can save labour.
~ Choose equipment that can do what it is expected to do.
~ If should be strong and durable.
~ It should be easy to operate.
~ Consider storage space available for the equipment.
~ Consider the money available.
~ Consider the size of the family. For instance large families will require large size cooking pots.

Other small pieces of equipment found in the kitchen include:

• Winnowers for winnowing grains, beans etc.
• Calabashes of various sizes used for various food preparation processes.
• Trays for carrying dishes and other utensils.
• Fruits juicers for juicing fruits.
• Assorted plates, bowls, cups for meal services and other purposes.

A good housewife or cooker generally speaking knows where to find the best quality serving equipment from stores and how to care for them as well. It is not advisable to purchase an instruments for its physical look for as it may appear useless and thereby leading to aste of the family income.

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