Kitchen hygiene involves ways of ensuring cleanliness in the kitchen. It requires the following practices:
1. Label all containers clearly.

2. Do not store dangerous substances such as bleaches in fruit drink or beverage bottles.

3. Arrange equipment and utensils properly.

4. Do not obstruct traffic in the kitchen with pieces of equipment.

5. Store items in the shelves in such a way that they are easy to see, grasp and replace.

6. Avoid spilling liquids on the floor.

7. Any spill should be mopped up immediately to prevent falls.

8. Put off the gas after use. Ensure that there is no gas leakage.

9. Do not touch electric switch or operate on electrical appliance with wet hands to avoid shock.

10. Switch off the electric current after use.

11. Do not use faulty electric appliance.

12. Repair any faulty electrical appliance as soon as possible.

13. Store sharp tools and utensils for example knives, tin cutters, etc. out of the reach of children.

14. Use oven gloves or padded pot-holders for carrying hot pots and dishes.

15. Keep the kitchen dry and well ventilated.

16. Do not leave dishes and pieces of food lying about. Wash up after every meal.

17. Cover all foods in the kitchen.

18. Clean the kitchen everyday. Give more thorough cleaning at the weekends.

19. Do not allow rubbish or refuse to accumulate in the kitchen.

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