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Journalism contributed at the rise of the novel. The eighteen century give some importance at the middle classes. This type of class gave to a new literary form, the journalism. In this period literature was only for aristocratic people because books weren't for everybody. Also condition of life was difficult, infact there weren't schools and light and read was impossible. We have the Reading Classes. People of middle classes started to have books. So, in this period started to circulating libraryes which moved around the towns and people could take the books. Also servants had access to the libraryes of their lords. In this way we have an extension of reading public. Joseph Addison and Richerd Steele started to published periodicals: "The Tatler" and "The Spectator". "The Spectator" was an imaginary club in which the authors commented society and politic. Articles were ironic and in these there were informations and opinions of all the members og the club. Language was clear, simple, realistic and ironic. Opinions were didactic infact gave a vision of the correct behaviour. The idea of keep a journal or a diary was very important for the developement of the novel.

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