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Meg Ryan - to the registry Margaret Mary Emily Annas Hyra - (Fairfield, 19 November 1961) is an actress and film produttrice American. Meg born Ryan Margaret Mary Emily Hyra, to Fairfield, Connecticut, from Susan Jordan Ryan, a former teacher of English, actress, and director casting, and Harry Hyra, a teacher of mathematics. When was small its nickname was "Peggy" (the same of its grandmother).
It has two sisters, Dana and Annie, and a brother, Andrew. Meg Ryan had grown with catholic teachings of religion and attended the Saint Pius X Elementary School to Fairfield, where taught also its mother. The mother of the Ryan lavorò in an advertising ad and later on lavorò briefly like director of the casting to New York. The woman encouraged Meg, to intraprednere the career of actress, and thanks to the knowledge of the mother, to the age of 18 years, signed its first contract for an advertising ad of a deodorant.

Diplomatasi to the Bethel High School in the Connecticut in 1979, where elected venne also reginetta of the year. Later on it studied journalism to the university of the Connecticut for then to transfer itself to that of New York, where simultaneously potà to continue the to work in some television ad. The success obtained with the work, the studies allowed to leave them. After its first role in a film, "Rich and well-known" of 1981, the Ryan interpreted the role of Betsy Stewart in the soap opera "So turns the world" from 1982 to 1984. Later on to this experience lavorò in different film for the television, and ebbe a part in the horror film "Amityville 3-D", until to obtain a part in the film of 1986 "Top Gun", that divenne an interplanetary success. Ryan subsequently appeared in "Land promise", where had a nomination from the Independent Spirit Awards. After Meg Ryan lavorò in two film of middle importance "DOA - body in arrival" and "The garrison, stage of a crime".
The success arrived for the actress in 1989, when the was dedicated the role of Sally, in the shining comedy "Harry I present you Sally", to the flank of Billy Crystal. Its interpretation ottenne a nomination for the golden globes and rhymed indimenticata for the stage in which in a restaurant, Sally simulates a noisy excitement. The film ebbe a such success to give back the actress a true and actual star. After to have working in "The Doors" and "French Kiss", both reasonable success to the ticket office, Nora Ephron (the scriptwriter of "Harry I present you Sally"), wanted it again with if for its new film: "Insomnia of love". This time to its flank there it was Tom Hanks. The couple ebbe a such success, that venne engaged for other two film: "Joe against the volcano" and "THERE IS mail for you". Although these film had had a deafening success, glued however to the Ryan the label of "actress of romantic and ingenuous film", that she tried partially of to remove itself of rise working in "to Love Itself", where interpreted the role of an alcoholic one. The film critical ebbe contrasting. In 1994 the Ryan vinse the "Harvard Hasty Pudding Award" like woman of the year, and the same year People reviewed it introduced it between them "50 more attractive persons of the world". In 1997, the double actress the protagonist in the animated film "Anastasia" and the following year participates in "The town of the angels", that critical ebbe extremely negative. From 2000, the apparitions of the actress I am herself via road reduced. It has working in 2001 in "Kate & Leopold" and in 2003 in "In the cut". The other its intense activities like "Against the Ropes" or the recent one "The kiss that I waited for" have not shown to the height of the precedents, at least how resulted at the stand-office. For 2008 the actress will work to the film "Women", remake of the classic film of 1939 of George Cukor, where will interpret the role of Mary Haine. The Ryan married the actor Dennis Quaid the day of San Valentino of 1991, after to have working with him in two film. Ryan accepted to marry it alone if the actor was himself detoxicant from drug and alcohol. Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan ebbero a son, Jack Henry, 24 April 1992 been born. The couple divorced July 16 2001. The couple denied that the cause of the divorce is Russell been Crowe, with that the actress ebbe a connection in that I make sentences. In the January 2006, the actress adopted Daisy True, a chinese little girl of a year.
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