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John Malkovich, entire name John Gavin Malkovich (Christopher, Illinois, 9 December 1953) is an actor, producer and film producer American. John Malkovich is born in a small small town of the illinois, Christopher, from Croatian father of lineage and Scottish mother of origins.

From boy Malkovich, that was a lot in sovrappeso, did not participate to the shows organized from its school. To the age of seven years, however, assisté to the representation of Our Town of Thornton Wilder, that hit it deeply. During the years of the high school, Malkovich is transformed physically: loses drastically the kilos of too much, concentrates its interest on the sport and enters in the squad of American football. Simultaneously cultivated the love for the music and, besides to play the tuba in the band of the school, dedicates a lot of its time free to the guitar.

It attends to the Eastern Illinois University the course in environmental sciences, following the footprints of the family, that is publishing of the daily Benton Evening News to Benton, Illinois and of the reviewed Outdoor Illinois and that generally is considered like an of the families that have given life to the environmental motion in the illinois.

In reality John fascinates at the performance and goes more time to the department of theater, together to its girl. The story of love between the two ends, but the interest for the theater now took the upper hand and John decides to transfer itself to the Separate illinois University to attend the course of performance. Here it does its first experience of performance, interpreting The Lover of Harold Pinter, and in the free time plays the guitar in the local of the zone.

In 1976 it leaves the university before graduating itself and it is transferred to Highland Park, a' suburban area of Chicago, where anchorage, together to Gary Sinise, a theatrical company, the Steppenwolf Theater Company, that has like seat the underground one of a church and of whom do part, besides Sinise and Malkovich, Terry Kinney, Jeff Perry and other seven actors. In you are years participates in more of fifty shows of the Steppenwolf.
He is transferred to New York City in 1983 and debuts to theater in the "Large Apple" in the work True West. The debut to Broadway happens next to Dustin Hoffman in Death of a traveling clerk in 1984. Malkovich wins an Emmy Award for its role when the show venne transposed in a film for the television directed by Volker Schlöndorff.

The debut on the large screen happens, after to have recited in some film for the television, with The seasons of the heart (1984) of Robert Benton, for which comes named to the Oscar like "best actor not protagonist", I continue immediately after from Urla of the silence of Roland Joffé.

In 1988 it is protagonist, next to Glenn Close and Michelle Pfeiffer, of the film of Stephen Frears The dangerous connections, I discuss from the story of Pierre-Ambroise-François Choderlos De Laclos. On the set it a connection between Malkovich is born and the Pfeiffer, that carries the actor to divorce from the first wife, Glenne Headly.

Later on, Malkovich marries the eastern cultures of scholar Nicoletta Peyran, known on the set of The tea in the uninhabited one (1990) of Bernardo Bertolucci, film for that she was help-producer, with that had two sons.

In 1994 it candidate to the Oscar comes again, always like "best actor not protagonist", In The center of the viewfinder (1993), directed by Wolfgang Petersen.

Even if the film of Spike Jonze to Be John Malkovich, based on the script of Charlie Kaufman, protagonist sees it to leave from the title, in the film Malkovich interprets a slight one "variation" of himself, like indicating from the fact that in the its name second film is "Horatio", instead of the true one "Gavin". Malkovich is appeared also in a cameo of the film The thief of orchids, also this written from Kaufman, in which interprets himself during a false backstage of the renewals of to Be John Malkovich.

In 2002 it does its debut behind the car from taken with two films, Hideous Man and Dance of blood.

Malkovich remains faithful to the theatrical company that threw it and given back famous, returning often to the Steppenwolf is like actor that like producer.

He will be a priest in "Changeling" of Clint Eastwood film that will go out in the film salt in 2008.

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