Sending invitation is very important for those planning to organize a party. It should be done early enough. Invitations can be issued in person, on the telephone or by written cards. Formal parties are often by cards, while informal ones may be verbal or by telephone. A complete invitation letter regardless of its form should include:
- the name of the host or hostess.
- the type of event.
- time and place of party.
- the name of the guest, etc.
An example could be the invitation to a birthday party:
Dear John,
You are cordially invited to my 15th birthday party. I promise you a lot of fun.
Date: 7/7/15
Place: N° 1 Via Roma.
Please be there,
Sincerely yours, Anita.

Responsibilities of a Guest

A good guest is as necessary to the success of a party as a skillful host or hostess. Whenever you accept an invitation to a party, you have the following responsibilities:

- Reply to the invitation to a party. Accept as soon as possible. Or let the host know at once if you cannot attend.
- Dress properly for the party or according to the party code (for instance a white party).
- Do not be late for the party.
- Cooperate with the host or hostess and treat other guests in a friendly way.
- Take part in all the activities planned by the host or hostess.
- Do not engage in long private conversations and ignore other guests.
- Do not misbehave during the party. Respect the host or hostess and other guests.
- When the party is over, thank the host and go home.

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