A host or hostess is a male or a female who receives or entertain other persons. A guest is a person entertained by some other person. Any person who lodges, boards or receives refreshment, for pay in a hotel is also a guest. Therefore a host or hostess entertains a guest.

Responsibilities of a host or hostess
Foods and drinks are important to the success of a party. The ability of the host or hostess to make the guests feel well entertainers is equally very important. The amount ur preparation needed depends on the type of party s d number of people invited. The following are general responsibilities of a host or a hostess:
1. Decide on the style of party to give and discuss with the family.
2. Plan the party thoughtfully and prepare in advance.
3. Decide on:
- the date of the party
- the number of people to invite.
- the kinds of food to serve.
- the activities for the party.

4. Send invitation letters to guests well in advance. This is to enable them make plans to attend your party.

5. Plan the menu and activities for the party and Mame a comprehensive shopping list.

6. Shop wisely; clean and decorate your home for the party.

7. Get everything ready before time; get dressed and reach to receive your guests before they arrive.

8. Welcome guests as they arrive a d take them to their seats.

9. Introduce guests to each other and to your parents. An introduction helps strangers to feel at ease.

10. Involve all guests in the activities (for example dancing, games, etc). Help the shy guests to get involve without embarrassing them.

11. Serve food smartly and ensure that each guest has enough.

12. Lead and encourage conversation but do not monopolize it.

13. At the end of the party see guests off to the door and thank them for attending.

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