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Industrial Revolution was a period of profound changes in the industry that has implications for increasing the production and use of new techniques.
The demographic transition is the transition from an old demographic regime, which has high rates of mortality and birth rates, a demography industrial companies that have a low birth and death rates.
Early industrialization marked the transition from an economy based on home work called putting-out system to an economy based on the concentration of production units and work (factory system) .With this organization you could combine fieldwork and Work Shop . family workshops are competing with the concentration of stores in suburban areas. Production runs on a wider market and focuses and mechanized production systems allow for greater productivity. Workforce requirements are transferred to urban areas.
The investment bank is the banks that must be issued on the stock exchange and manage customer actions.
Mixed is a bank whose business is investment that Depo (circumflex) and savings.

Stock exchange is a place where is the comparison of the purchase and sale of shares of a limited liability company offers.
Liberalism is a Richerche freedoms in the political system and finds full expression in the nineteenth century and argues against the traditional structures of the old regime. The values ​​of the capitalist system have the right to property, free enterprise and free trade. The acquisition of the means of production and labor which take the contituent capital investment which aims to make a profit. The concentration of capital also includes the development of mechanization and economies of scale favor the development of large monopolies.

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