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The first industrial revolution was built in England in the late eighteenth century between 1770 and 1870, a period in which agriculture was overcome by the industry and most of the farmers thus became worker. It began in England due to a number of factors:
-The English revolution had allowed the free movement of goods which until then had been denied due to constraints like feudal duties.

-The Country was endowed with an efficient transport network consists of roads and waterways.
-Fin The sixteenth century were widespread in the countryside fences that favored the specialization of production and then England had a surplus of capital to invest.
-Many Peasants moved to the cities and worked at low wages favoring the accumulation of industrial profits.
-Nacque In England a large international market for the sale of products.
-L'Inghilterra Was rich in raw materials, coal and iron.
-There Were the most important technical and scientific discoveries.
The second country in which arose the industrial revolution was in Belgium in 1790 thanks to the remarkable development of agriculture, trade and mining. Later also Swiss, France and Germany. Misa latter developed a model that tends to the strong contribution of the banking system with the use of investment banks. In 1850 knew the industrial revolution also the United States and later Japan, Russia and Italy.
Two moments:
-the first period from 1770 to 1830 characterized by the expansion of textile production.
-the second period from 1830 onwards, which was characterized by the advent of the railways and the strengthening of the steel industry.
Also there was a trend characterized by the cyclical nature.
We should not say that innovations arising in consequence of the scientific revolution because there are two different stories:
-That technicians who were men even uncultured but clever as improved human life;
-That scientists theorized that and were prepared to go slightly beyond their findings to reveal the advantages.
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