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House fire

If a fire breaks out in your house, be very careful. Don’t open any doors unless you know for sure there is no fire on the other side. Touch the handle with the back of your hand. If it is hot, you must not open the door. Instead go to a window and shout for help. Only try to extinguish the fire yourself if it is small. Leave the room and alert everybody in the house. If you can, get out and call the fire brigade.

Being crushed in a crowd
If you go to a pop concert or a football match, make sure you know where the exits are. “A crowd is always focused in one direction. It’s like an umbrella that you have opened in front of you”, says Chris White, managing director of Security First. “If you have to get out quickly, move away from the “pressure area”. That’s the area of greatest density – it’s the point of the umbrella. Move backwards or to one side. As soon as you are away from the point, the pressare decreases. And be polite. Tap people on the shoulder if they can’t hear you. If you are polite, people move out of your way more willingly”.

When, as soon as, unless
I blush when someone says nice things about me.
As soon as it snows, there are more road accidents.
I won’t come to your party unless Jane comes too.
Use when and noti f when we are sure that something happens.
Use unless to say if not.
Use as soon as when you say “appena” in italian.

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