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Most times people neglect the fact that there is a need to assume an accurate body posture in order to avoid some problems related to the malfunctioning of the body parts (especially the region of the vertebral) and in children it stand to be the base form of most physically problems.

Sitting posture

For food sitting posture it is necessary to do the following:
- Sit with the hips far back to the chair.

- Hold the shoulder back without strain.
- Tuck in the abdomen when sitting.
- Support the back with the chair, do not lean forward.
- Let the chair provide support for the hips and lower back.
- Keep the head erect and chest up.
- Do lot keep your legs wide apart when you sit, keep them together or one slightly in front of the other.
- Avoid very tight dresses because they can affect your posture.
- Always use comfortable chair.

Standing posture

The following points are important for good standing posture:
- Always stand firmly on both feet so that both of them can carry your weight.
- Do not place your weight on one leg.
- Stand with the head up and cheat out.
- Tuck in your abdomen or tummy.
- straighten your shoulder, that is, hold it erect.
- Avoid tight clothes for example tight girdles,ill-fitting shoes. They prevent easy movement.
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