Clothing Maintenance

Clothing is important for good health and grooming. Dirty clothes can harbour germs and lead to skin diseases. It is therefore important that personal clothes are kept clean. Again clothes are expensive. Thus, it is necessary that clothes are properly maintained.

General guidelines for or hints on proper storage and care of clothes:
1. Provide a good storage space for your clothes for example a good closet or wardrobe, a box or drawer.

2. Use good quality hangers.

3. Do not store dirty clothes. Wash them. Dirty clothes attract germs.

4. Air clothes after wear before putting them away.

5. Remove all brooches or pins from clothes before putting them away.

6. Do not store clothes that are damp or in a damp place.

7. Mothballs or camphor balls can be placed in the wardrobe or storage boxes or drawers.

8. Keep the wardrobe tidy always, by storing clothes neatly.

9. Clean the wardrobe regularly.

10. Wash your under-wears and socks daily.

11. Do not put perfume onto a garment as it may stain the fabric.

12. Remove spots or stains as soon as they occur.

13. Never let a garment become too dirty before washing it. The heavy laundering that is required by very dirty clothes can damage the fibres.

14. Check clothes regularly for loose fastenings, split seams, tear and undone hems.

15. Mend clothes as quickly as possible. This prevents more damage to the article.

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