House Cleaning tools

Every family needs a shelter. A house provides this shelter. The house is a home-base for the family. There different types of houses. The home should be well cared for. It should also be made a very comfortable base for all family members.
There various tools used in keeping the house clean. Brooms and brushes are commonly made from palm fronds. Brushes can be made of horse hair, vegetable fibres or nylon.

Uses of brooms abs brushes:
There are different types of broom and brushes used for different purposes.
• Short or hand brooms and long brushes are used for sweeping the floor.

• Long-handled soft brooms and brushes are used for removing cobwebs from walls and ceilings.

• Long-handled stiff brooms and brushes are used for sweeping the yard outside the house.

• Toilet brush are used for cleaning the WC, water closet.

• Stiff hand brush is used for cleaning upholstery rugs and carpets.

• Polishing brushes are used for polishing different surfaces for example shoe brushes.

Choice and Care of Cleaning Tools
Many people make the mistake of going to the market to buy or father "pick up" any house cleaning product they could find obviously spending less money and not having bought the right-quality cleaning article.
There are some guidelines in choosing cleaning tools such as brooms and brushes (used especially for the cleanliness of the house)
1) Consider the use to be made of the broom or brush.

2) Choose the right broom or brush for the right house-work.

3) Check the handles. They should be smooth and of the right length for easy use.

4) Choose good quality brooms and brushes that can last long.

5) Check the broom sticks and brush bristles. They should be plentiful, closely set together and firm. Pull the sticks and bristles to ensure that they are firm.

Care of brooms and brushes
1) After each use shake off any pieces of dirt that have collected on the broom sticks or brush bristles.

2) Wash the broom or brush by holding the handles and bearing the sticks or bristles up and down in a warm detergent water.

3) Rinse in clean water and put out to dry in open air.

4) When not in use hang brushes on hooks by their handles and keep brooms upright. This prevent bristles and sticks from bending.

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