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tema sugli hobby e sul tempo libero

I've had a passion for cars since I was ten . When my father had to buy a new car , I always went with him to help him choose a good one . He always made me sit in them and I pretended to drive them and to check if they were good cars. I also had a lot of miniature cars which I used to collect . They were sports cars , like Ferrari , Lamborghini and also British cars like Rolls Royce or Jaguars. My favorite cars were the Ferrari , maybe because of the red color .
“Top Gear”, is a BBC television program which is about vehicles , they discuss in particular about cars , in a humorous and provocative style . In Italy Top Gear is broadcasted by Dmax, and in this programme there are three presenters that discuss about cars in a funny way . Among all the episodes that I have seen , the one I liked most was “Top Gear US special “ , where the presenters had to buy used American cars which didn’t work, and had to find the spare parts , which were very difficult to find, and replace them . My favorite type of car is the cross-country vehicle and in particular I prefer the Range Rover because I like bigger cars and also I like the cross-country vehicle because they have a bigger engines , so they have a lot of get-up and go . The problem about cross-country vehicles is that they consume a lot of petrol compared to normal cars .

The best experience about cars was when I got my driving license last winter. At last it was great to be able to drive a car , for a fan like me . But the problem of us young people when we take the driving license is that we think we are already experienced pilots, but it isn’t true : in fact last month , I had an accident driving my car , because I was convinced that I would have passed that obstacle at high speed , luckily I didn’t get hurt and I realized that you have to drive carefully . My dream since I was a kid was to become a Formula 1 pilot. Even now , I hope that one day I ‘ll become a professional pilot who will compete in the world .
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