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I think that acting is commonly an acquired skill, even if some people are born natural talents. Certain is that it cannot be inherited. For example, the child of an actor will become an actor not because it is in its genes or in its blood, but because he grows up in tight contact with that reality and he will find it easier than others to be part in it. This is true for any kind of job I think; it is easier for a child to follow in his father’s steps. But I also think there are pros and cons with famous people; growing up under the name and reputation of the parent can on one side push you forward and make you quickly as famous, but on the other side it may bring up comparisons and expectations that may not be easy to manage. Another certain thing is that acting is not for everyone. Some people are like open books and you can immediately tell when they are lying or faking. And I think that acting is, at least partly, a matter of being able to fake and be convincing about it. I personally tried acting myself, well, mostly on short school plays that are organized by the teacher at the end of the school term. I honestly wasn't good at it. Yes, I could remember my lines with no difficulty but the tone of my voice was all wrong and I couldn't help the blushing on my face.
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