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The snows of Kilimanjaro

The Protagonist is an American writer, Harry who is dying in a safari campi in Tanzania, near the border with Kenya, beacuse of gangrene in his leg after a hunting accident. While lying on his coat, waiting for the plain which should come and take him to a hospital in Nairobi, he recalls th emost important events of his past life, his childhood and boyhood, his work as a war correspondent during the Greek-Turkish War of 1922 and during the First World War, his relationship with Helen, the rich widow who is with him in Africa and whose money he has sold his talent.
He dies from Gangrene during the night, but, in the moment of his death, he dreams that the plane he has been waiting for has finally come and carried himoff, not, however, to the "square top of Kilimanjaro", near the frozen carcass of a leopard.
Talking about the structure and style of the story both are experimental, in the sense that it alternates dialogue and action with flashback, which are actually interior monologues, printed in italics. After Harry, the second great protagonist os the story is death. Moreover in Hemingway's work death, or rather the immense of death, if often described as a sort of epiphany, through which people are about to die obtain a lucid insight into themselves.
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