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Hilary Ann Swank (Lincoln, 30 July 1974) is an American actress.

The success arrives in 1999 with the interpretation of the role of a girl that it is pretended man in the film Boys Don' t Cry: the role them farewell the first one of two prize Oscar of its career: the second arrives for the role of the boxer Mays Fitzgerald, in Million Baby Dollar.
The film debut of the young Hilary had been a particina in the film Buffy - KILLS IT Vampires of 1992. Hilary Swank was born at Lincoln in the Nebraska, gives birth of Stephen Swank, official of the national Guard of the aeronautics and then vendor, and Judy Clough; the family has also another son, of name Dan. A lot of limb of its family coves down from Ringgold County, in the Iowa.

The Swank leaves from humble origins, specially for its childhood, passed in an I park for trailer near Lake Samish in Bellingham, Washington, where is transferred to the age of 6 years. The same actress talks about its childhood like a personal moment of extraneousness from the remainder of the society and of the world; the Swank heard itself to its comfort "alone when read a book or saw a film, from the moment that I was able to unify me in the character". Between the other this was an of the main levers that they carried to interest it him to the cinema and to the performance.

To nine years the Swank fece its before true apparition on the stage of it The book of the Jungle, and subsequently its involvement in the theatrical activity of the community and of the school crebbe more. During the period of the high school, done to the "Sehome High School" in Bellingham, until sixteen years, the Swank is dedicated also to the swimming, participating in the youthful Olympic Games and to the championships of the state of Washington, and to the gymnastics (experience that will return them useful in 1994 on the set of Karate Kid IV).

When it had 13 years the parents of the Swank, that wanted to boost the desire of the daughter for the performance, decided to transfer itself to Los Angeles, California, where lived not without some difficulty until do not enough ebbero money to rent an apartment. Swank described the mother like the inspiration for its career of actress and also like a fundamental person for all its life. In California the Swank itself iscrisse to the "South Pasadena High School" (even though later on have left the studies) and began to recite from professional. With the first money earned for its roles in television programs like Evening Shade and Parents in blue jeans the girl contributed in part to pay the lease of the house.
In the September of 1997, the Swank was taken for the part of a mother single in Beverly Hills, 90210. At first it was told them that it a role would have been that it would have preserved for two seasons, but its character was removed from the serious one after just 16 episodes, in the January of 1998.

Subsequently the Swank will declare that that event had it much discouraged: "If I is not enough capable for 90210 not the is for nient' other". In reality the dismissal is revealed a stroke of luck for the young actress, from the moment that told them the possibility of to participate the hearing for the role of Brandon Teena in Boys Don' t Cry, that vinse. For the film the Swank dovette lose much fat mass, to be able to recite in the physical conditions ideals for its role. Its performance in Boys Don' t Cry was considered for a long time critical like the better feminine intepretazione of 1999.

In fact a short time later the role the fece to win is the Golden Globes is the oscar for the best actress. Another Oscar, always for the best role from protagonist, will arrive in 2004 with Million Baby Dollar, film directed by Clint Eastwood, where interpreted a boxer that later on to an accident on the ring rhymed paralized in one been seeds-I vegetated. The film, that saw in the cast also Morgan Freeman (also he will win the like best oscar actor not protagonist, like on the other hand Eastwood for the direction), although the critics of the manner in which confronted the subject of the euthanasia, will collect an enormous success of critic.

The role in Million Baby Dollar will ask for to the Swank to support a hard training, strengthening itself of 19 pounds, to be able better to interpret the sporty and strong protagonist. The success in the night of the Oscar put its name next to that of fame of the past like Vivien Leigh, Helen Hayes, Sally Field and Luise Rainer, that succeeded to win the longed-for statuette (best feminine protagonist) both the times in which ricevettero the nomination. The Swank besides was the third younger actress of always to win two like best Oscar actress.

The Swank, in little years, divenne an of the actresses more requests and well-known of Hollywood: "I do not know what I have done in my life to deserve myself all that. I am alone a girl that lived in an I park and that had a dream" dichiarò. There it is to note like the Swank, for its part in Boys Don' t Cry have alone receiver 75 dollars to the day, for a total of 3.000; says itself absolutely than its salary was so low that the actress is not able not even to allow an insurance for its health. February 28 of 2006 that Swank was announced had signed a three-year contract "like muse and character of reference for in new perfume from woman of the Guerlain, that would have been thrown more late", but always in 2006. The most recent film turned from the Swank was Freedom Writers, a dramatic work exit in the cinema January 5 2007.

The Swank, that was of it also executive producer, in the film interprets an insegnante. The next film engagements of the Swank include THE marks of the badly, a horror film gone out March 30 2007, and P. S., I Love You.

Monday 8 January 2007 the Swank received a star on the Pavement of the Stars, the Hollywood Walk of Hunger. Its star is the number 2325.

The actress is companion of Went Worth Miller, well-known for esser the protagonist of the serious note "Prison break".The Swank married the actor Chad 28 September Lowe 1997: the two were met themselves in 1992, on the set of Quiet Days in Hollywood. During the speech during the premiazione for its first Oscar, in 2000, the Swank incredibly forgot to thank the husband; later on the actress used almost public every exit to want to remedy the mistake.

In 2005, when it its second was delivered them Oscar Lowe was the first person that was thanked. However in the January of 2006 the two separated themselves: although in a lot of interviews the Swank had declarant of to want to be reconciled with Lowe, in the May of the same year the two announced that were divorcing. In the December of 2006 the Swank confirmed the shouting of a connection with its agent, John Campisi. January 15 2005, after to to be landed in an airport of the New one Zealand, the Swank was fined in order not to have declarant the presence of an apple and of an orange one in its handbag. Swank is considered a spiritual person, even if atheist. It is declared besides "carried athletically" and "loving some sport". The Swank has of the potential problems of health, like a high quantity of mercury in the body, had to also to the preparation confronted for some interpretations, for example Boys Don' t Cry and The Black Dahlia. By the way of this the Swank declared that "what I make is necessary to give back my roles more convincing, working and realistic"; also asserted that "the scars of the battles serve to remember that you are alive and are human, for whose blood".

In 2007 the Swank declared that "hears that the made things in the last years of its career came outside from its feeling deep, to represent who is really and thing wants from its life".
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